Friday, June 6, 2008


On Wednesday morning, while I was at my Knitters Guild AGM, River's class was participating in a huge project at Clover Point ...

Here's what the small print says...
"Children from all over Greater Victoria gathered at Clover Point yesterday to form the image of a wild salmon, created by Kwakwaka'wakw First Nations artist Marianne Nicholson. Using a 42-metre by 61-metre grid, creatd by artist John Quigley, the children shaped the outline of a salmon and spelled out the words 'Oceans Alive.' The event was in celebration of Oceans Day, to be celebrated Sunday."

River said it was 'boring,' of course, but I think it was a great idea!

Then, kind of on a whim, Jason, Hailey, River and I drove up to Qualicum Beach to see our grandson Joshua's (Jason's son) final band concert of the year. It's about a two-hour drive with at least four yarn shops en route, so I was able to distribute FibreFest posters as well!

We met my sister Julie for dinner at our favorite Chinese food smorg place again, and then drove to the school. Joshua is 14 and in Grade 8, so it's his last year of 'Middle School', and he's been in the Band program for two years. It was a wonderful concert, and it's always nice to get cousins River and Joshua together - they adore each other, and don't get to see one another nearly often enough.

We didn't get home until after 11:00, so I let River sleep in yesterday morning (he spends two nights a week with us, and that was one of them) and then took him out for breakfast before taking him back to school. Well... that also meant that it was almost noon before *I* got anything done yesterday!

I did get Harbour Lights blocked, though...

... and I've talked to Sivia about either having a silent auction for it, or just doing a draw (in exchange for donations to charity knitting) at the FibreFest. It'll be 'up for grabs' somehow!

I've completed three (out of seven) repeats on the one I'm keeping for myself. :-)

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