Wednesday, June 4, 2008


In my haste to show off the Harbour Lights shawl yesterday, I completely forgot to pay tribute to my daughter Mischa, who turned 29. (I didn't forget her birthday, I just forgot to record it here!)

Mischa is the youngest of our three children, and she is smart and funny, stylish and funky, a dedicated Mom to Gibson and River, and a talented hairstylist. She's 'pulled herself up by the bootstraps' more times than I can count, and has a kind of determination I've seen rarely in anyone!

(No, the hair isn't natural ... I mentioned 'hairstylist' didn't I?) :-)

Hope you had a happy birthday, Mischa .... I love you and I'm proud of you!


Barbara-Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Micha!

One of your best "FO's",Marilyn. VBG!

Anonymous said...

Hi There, my name is Kelly and I am looking for your daughter Mischa. I had her do my hair once while she was at Arq - and I understand she has moved salons. Could you email me the name of her new salon? My email is She did an amazing job! Thank you , Kelly