Saturday, June 7, 2008


Yesterday I got down to Clover Point, once again, in time to see the tail end of a sailboat race -- I think they might be members of the Turkey Head Sailing Association out of the Oak Bay Marina.

They had a great evening for racing .... light winds, blue sky and sunshine.
... and I had a great evening for knitting, and I'm making serious progress on Harbour Lights #2:

You can't see the beads, and the light I had this morning was not great, so this picture doesn't do it justice -- I'll try to get a nice shot later, outside. :-) Not sure how much knitting time I'll have today -- FibreFest is less than two weeks away, and there's LOTS to do!

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Esther V. said...

I am MORE than impressed with the speed you are going at to get this shawl finished BESIDES organizing the Fibre Fest...way to go! And the shawl is beautiful....