Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Unwashed. Unblocked. Beautiful.

The Harbour Lights shawl was created by designer extra-ordinaire Sivia Harding in honor of the 2008 Victoria FibreFest, at which she is my special guest. The pattern is not available until then, but I can tell you this:

This one is knit in 100% cashmere, and the pattern only uses about 750 yards of fingering weight. The edging took almost as long as the body to knit, but it was not a difficult knit (if it was, I couldn't have done it! lol) Final measurements should be 60" wide and 30" long after blocking (which I'm hoping will happen later today -- I'll let you know)!

Here's what Sivia had to say about it ... "Sneak Peak".
I also asked Vancouver-based designer Uli to create a shawl pin for this design, and here it is!

Click on the image to see it bigger ... can you see the lighthouse and shell charms? It's perfect for the Harbour Lights shawl, and will also be available at the FibreFest in several colors. I'm getting pretty excited about this event now!

And just so you know how much I LOVE this pattern ... I've already started another one in a Hand Maiden silk/wool blend, with beads this time.

And I know I'm probably certifiable ... but I'm hoping to be wearing it at the FibreFest kick-off Fashion Show event (I'll be MC'ing it) on Friday, June 21st.


Karen said...

That shawl is beyond a work of art!
And the shawl pin is perfect. Many kudos to you. (You'll get a chuckle out of this - "kudos" came to mind but then I had to get out dictionary and check that I had the meaning right - too often I have come up with a word that means the opposite.)

Esther V. said...

Job well done, Marilyn!
The lighthouse and seashells on the pin are perfect..
Looking forward to seeing you wear it at the fashion show...

Barbara-Kay said...

Will it be possible to order the pattern and shawl pin for those of us who live way down here on the Gulf of Mexico? (And boy, will we wish we were there!)

Lovely job!

"Skipper" said...

Yes, Barbara-Kay, it will -- but not until after the Victoria FibreFest, June 20th - 22nd. :-)

Grace said...

what a beauty marilyn, and the pin is perfect too, I wish even more that I could be there, and I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern!!! It rocks!

And a late happy day to your beautiful daughter

Uli said...

Thanks Marilyn for showing off the pin. I'm frantically working on a selection of them. Once Fibre Fest is over, I will be offering up what's left (or be making more if the interest is there) in my Etsy shop. I'm getting so excited msyelf!!!