Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I guess wealthy people probably don't worry too much about the price of fuel ... these are just two of the boats I've seen in and around Victoria in the last few days:

The second one is the 235-ft MV Utopia, one of the 25 largest private yachts in the world. More about that here if it interests you.

I have a pretty blue-toned scarf on the needles for a 'secret pal' as well as my first pair of socks (for ME!), and I'm off to the Guild meeting this morning ... we'll be knitting in Renate's garden! :-)


Georgi said...

I don't think the yacht in the bottom pix is big enough, it only has 7 staterooms. Wonderful picutres though.

Linda said...

I came across your blog while reading Homefree. We have just returned from Victoria on a visit to our daughter. I just loved the harbour and Fisherman's Wharf. I'll be back to visit again.
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