Monday, July 7, 2008


Yesterday I had a date with my middle grandson, River. We had to celebrate his passing into Grade 4, among other things.

What River loves is rocks. Lotsa rocks. So I knew he'd be delighted with a surprise visit to this place.

We made a day of it, starting at 8 a.m. with breakfast at his favorite restaurant, accompanied by his Auntie Hailey. Then we drove straight to Sidney to Mineral World/Scratch Patch -- and his reaction was *better* than watching the proverbial "kid in a candy store." We spent almost 3 hours gold panning (and yes, we got a few flecks!) and rock-hunting. What fun!

Then it was off to lunch, where he sorted and catalogued his treasures ...

... which included a piece of petrified dinosaur bone, his birthstone, some magnetite, and lots of other cool stuff!

Then we paid a visit to the Marine Ecology Centre on the Port Sidney dock, where River got to see tidal pools under a microscope, a real live water snake and a sea cucumber, and he got to touch some starfish, sea urchins and sea anenomes.

He had to be home at 4 pm for a family BBQ, but we still made two more pit-stops. First to a lovely playground in a park near the Anacortes Ferry, and then to Island View Beach...

... and it was pretty much the most fun I could have in a day without knitting a single stitch. :-)


Turtle said...

my daughter would have loved that day as well..ok so would her mom! sounds like a great day, what a cutie he is!

Anonymous said...

what a great grandma you are :-)

Wonderful day.