Monday, February 9, 2009


... but thank YOU for caring about me enough to wonder where I've been! Wow, where did the days go? I'm okay, folks, it's just that weird sleep thing beating me up again -- if I don't post by 7 a.m., it just doesn't happen because the rest of my days are so full!

Life is good here in my little corner of the world, though, just busy. Between paid writing work, FibreFest planning stuff, and classes at the store, I've barely had time to even knit. I *have* finished about 2' on the purple scarf, and I'm nearly ready to turn the heels on the current pair of socks. No pics yet, sorry...

But I do have some other pictures, though. My niece Doneen sent me some that she took before Christmas here during the snow. Here's the 'hill' of Beacon Hill park covered in the white stuff...

And here's the view from that hill, by the way (it's about a block from my favorite view, Clover Point).

And here's the fun on the hill -- River:

Mischa and Gibson:

Mischa, Gibson and Michael:

I have some more recent photos, too. Gibson got a haircut:

And River and I went for brekkie on the weekend, and while we were waiting for our order, we built a 'house of cards' (or two) out of jam packages:

I found time on Saturday to go to a LYS's big blow-out sale and came home with a little sock yarn...

... by my calculations, enough to make about 15 pairs of variously-sized socks for myself and the family -- that's all my Christmas '09 yarn taken care of, and I paid less than $100!

It's Monday, so I'll be at the store today ... and now I must-go-knit-and-drink-coffee. Have a great day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You forgot you also had to entertain drop in supper guests :)
Off to babysit.. no KbN today

Anonymous said...

OK I was going to comment on the snow pictures (there's more on the ground up here today) but you distracted me at the end there with all the sock yarn!