Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday, right after I posted about being a lousy blogger, I got an email from Anita, who sent me this:

Thanks, Anita! (Makes me wonder how fabulous my blog would be if I actually got back to posting daily...) I'm supposed to pass this award on to five other bloggers, but I'm not awake enough yet to think that hard, so I may have to do that later.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been following the adventures of a young man who was 16 when he left his home port of San Diego, California, to sail around the world alone (and become the youngest person ever to do that, if he succeeds)! He's about to leave Cape Town, South Africa to begin the Atlantic crossing to Panama, and you can follow Zac's adventures, too, if you like, here.

Another 'tidbit': I just happened to be at Clover Point a few days ago (imagine that...!) and saw this ship ... leaving our Esquimalt harbour for a 6-month tour of duty in the Middle East. Hope they all come home safe and sound!

Had a great day at work yesterday ... Mischa and the boys stopped in for a bit of a visit, so that was nice, and it was quiet enough in the afternoon that I got to work on my socks a bit. I'm almost finished the purple scarflette, too, and I'll take some pictures when it's light out!

Today I'm working on FibreFest details, because I *really* want to make a few announcements about some exciting things that will be happening, but I have to clean up a few loose ends first.

Have a happy!

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Anonymous said...

The FibreFest website looks great this year, well done! And yes, I hear there are some interesting things in the works .... can't wait for details!