Monday, February 16, 2009


... in October, that I swore I would get the flu vaccine. That would have prevented the last ten days of... well ... NOT FUN ... at my house!

Michael got the bug first, slept with a high fever for two days, hardly ate a thing but still had to stay close to a bathroom for the next two, and is barely getting his energy back now. (He found enough energy to go out and bring me a bouquet of flowers on Saturday, though, bless his heart!) Then last Wednesday I started feeling not so great -- slept for two days with a high fever, have practically lived in the bathroom since, have hardly eaten anything, and have no energy at all.

I think it's safe to say, seriously, that this is the kind of bug that kills elderly folks occasionally, or people whose health is already compromised -- I've never experienced anything like it, personally, and never want to again.

'Nuff said. In October I'm getting the flu shot.

You'd think I'd have lots of knitting accomplished, wouldn't you? Well, I finished the navy blue socks (which were about half-done when I got sick), finished a baby hat to go with the blanket I made a few weeks ago, and did about 5" on another traveling scarf. Oh, yay....

Yesterday our friends Susan and Sri were here from Qualicum Beach, and we were able to go out for breakfast with them to celebrate Susan's Mom's birthday -- I managed a small bowl of oatmeal and yogurt with a little fruit. After resting back at home for a few hours, I even dragged myself down to Clover Point -- I hadn't been out of the house in 5 days, and it was a beautiful spring day!

I took the 'scenic route, for a change, past our Coast Guard station and Ogden Point (where the cruise ships come in)... and saw this:

That's one of those obscene freighters that turns up here 3 or 4 times a year full of rich people's yachts, for which they've paid up to $25,000 to transport sometimes 3/4 of the way around the world to find a new playground.

But this... the new Search and Rescue boat, and she's a beaut! On the right side of the picture is our new Pilot boat, which is lovely, too, but as a recreational boater I'm so impressed with the local (or any) Coast Guard auxiliary -- they raise funds relentlessly so they can put boats like this in the water and then put volunteers in them to go out in all kinds of conditions to save lives like ours when we get in trouble out there.

Finally made it to Clover Point ...

Aaahhhh.... I can breathe again.

I'll be at Knotty by Nature today!


Linda said...

Hope you are well on the way to recovery. Throw that flu bug out to sea!

Anonymous said...

Glad you felt well enough to enjoy the sea air again. I loved the depth of field in the first Clover Point picture: sailboat, ship, cliffs in the background. Nicely done!

Grace said...

so sorry to hear you were so ill!! Feel better

Anonymous said...

That fresh ocean air always helps, especially when you add in the vista.

Today there were seven kids away in my son's classroom .... lots of sick bodies!!!