Friday, February 20, 2009


Every now and then, to make up for the days when everything goes sideways, I have a day that everything goes so well I'm left in disbelief.

Yesterday was like that. I had an editing job to finish in the morning -- and I met my goal, with time to spare. Then I had to put the finishing touches on a client's website -- done, and not a single glitch.

I went out to run some errands -- in three different places, I found a parking spot immediately. There were no line-ups. One of the errands included some complicated banking for the marina, and I'm always nervous that I don't have all the paperwork in order -- I did.

I treated myself to a latte and drove to Clover Point to knit/meditate. Not a single motor-cycle came roaring through, not a single young male with the car stereo bass blasting (for the sole purpose of vexing my spirit, I swear), not a single child chasing and frightening the birds. Just knitting .... and breathing... and blue sky.... and calm waters.... MAGICAL.

Then I went grocery shopping. I had a loonie in my pocket for the shopping cart (instead of my usual routine of having to park, go in to the hostess to get change, and then come back out to the parking lot to get a cart), the store wasn't out of a single thing I needed, and I remembered to bring my own bags in from the van (instead of remembering, when I'm in the cash register line-up, that I hadn't)!

When I got home I started supper, leisurely put the groceries away, and then even got four more little things crossed off my 'to do' list before dinner.


Today I have a few things to accomplish this morning, and then it's off to Knit'n'Cafe. If the day goes *half* as well as yesterday, it'll be a wonderful one! Hope yours is, too...

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