Tuesday, April 13, 2010


One of my favorite views in the world is from the anchorage at Cabbage Island, the eastern-most Marine Park in the Gulf Islands. From there, looking north-west, you can see almost all of the southern Gulf Islands in silhouette. I take photos of it every year when we're there (even though it never changes!) because it's so beautiful. Here's a 'dusk' one and a sunset one I've taken in the last few years...

I asked Julie if she could paint that scene for me, and when she was here on Easter weekend, she brought me the result -- to me, it's like a combination of those two photos, and it is stunning, as all of her paintings are!

She did it as a 'triptych', which is three 5" x 7" separate paintings, meant to be hung together. There is a spot over my desk where they will fit perfectly (so that I can look at that view for the 11 months of the year we're not cruising in the Gulf Islands!) and I was going to wait to show them until I got them hung, but we're having trouble finding just the right wood backing we need for them, and I couldn't wait any longer! Aren't they awesome?? You can check out my sister's blog here to see more of her works.

Hailey has called once and emailed twice since she arrived in England, so all's well in her world, and that's a relief for her 'mama.' She says she can see Kensington Palace (which was Princess Di's residence) out her window.

Today is a work day for me so I won't be making much progress on the green shawl or anything else knitting-related ...


N. Maria said...
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N. Maria said...

You are definitely a lucky woman to live on a boat.....Terri the sailingknitter, does the same.
I DO envy your lifestyle...:)
[Okay, I now have everything spelled correctly!]

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