Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It would have been Michelle's 60th birthday today, and in her honour and memory, a few of us are going on a little car ride in Parksville today. :-)

I may not have the details exactly right, but it seems to have started out like this...

Michelle had been on the board of the Parksville-Qualicum Foundation, and one day she was picked up for a meeting by another woman board member. That woman was driving a convertible, with the top down, and had a huge feather boa around her neck. After Michelle's initial surprise (and delight!), the woman produced another boa for Michelle to wear, and the two of them went off to their meeting -- whooping and hollering and giggling the whole way, I'm sure! Thus began the tradition of the 'Boa Girls', as they called themselves (and others joined them later) -- going for outings in convertibles in full boa regalia.

When Michelle died, the Parksville-Qualicum Foundation set up an endowment fund in her name, and at her request, to raise money for women to take training in alternative healing therapies., which gave Michelle an extra nine years of life's adventures! So that original woman (with the convertible) has proposed that supporters do an annual 'Boa Ride' as a fund-raiser for this endowment fund, and to make it on today's date. Today is the '1st Annual Boa Ride!'

So ... I have neither convertible nor boa, but wild horses couldn't keep me away from this one!

I'll spend the night at my sister's and be home tomorrow. (Oh, and if you feel inclined to donate, you can paypal to me and I'll see that it gets into the Foundation's hands....)