Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, I got 'discharged' from the hospital yesterday, which now means that I'm back on pill-form antibiotics until the end of the week, and have to have a visiting nurse in twice in the next few days. It's still all a little bit scary, but it's mostly SO annoying to have no energy and to be in pain, when I'm always so 'gung-ho' getting back from holidays, to work - on paid and not-paid projects!

I took this picture of a poster on the treatment room wall before I left -- thought you'd get a kick out of it!

I can finally show you my holiday knitting (I'm able to sit at the computer for 30-45 minutes now, yay)! This is three hats for charity, two pairs of socks, a headband and a moebius scarf made from some home-spun I acquired a year or so ago.

This is one more pair of socks, and two blankets -- the brown one is a lap blanket Rosemary was working on when she died, so several of us knitted on it and I finished it while we were away...

... and the navy blue one is a new lap blanket for the back of Michael's chair -- it's my own pattern, called 'Window Panes' (which I hope to publish this fall -- that would be *one* of the projects I'd like to work on)! I used a cable that resembles a ship's rope:

... and in the bottom left-hand corner is an anchor motif. It's hard to see, but it's there...

The whole blanket is a rich navy blue, which you can't really tell from these photos.

Today I'll be spending the required four hours in Michael's recliner with my leg propped up -- lots of knitting time -- and in between, hoping to get back to some work. I'm going to Tofino on Sunday to teach knitting classes at the new yarn store there, and I'm pretty excited about that!


Unknown said...


I could hardly wait to see if you posted this morning.
It is great that they will be seeing you at home making sure things will be fine.
Coping with pain (from infection) like you are experiencing, I have heard can be quite trying. Hopefully the infection will be on the down side now. Please keep doing what they say. I know you must feel hog tied but it is better in the long run.

Your knitting looks great. Reading about those of you who finished the knitting project is a service of love that touched my heart. Blessings to you all for doing such a wonderful act.

Call if you feel up to it.
Love to you both

Anonymous said...

Aren't infections the strangest things? But aren't we fortunate to have such health care readily available? Glad to hear you are on the mend, and best wishes for continued mending!

And aren't you lucky heading to the new Tofino store?!