Friday, January 21, 2011


37 years ago this morning I gave birth to my first-born. In spite of me, he survived, and today Jason is 37 years old -- happy birthday, Jayce! Here's two recent pictures I stole from his facebook page -- the first one is from his friend Scott's wedding at Bedwell Harbour, and the second is Jason in his element -- at a music festival with a microphone in his hand!

And me? Still knitting, still writing, still hanging out at Clover Point (although there hasn't been much of that lately!) and still going to Knit'n'Cafe, which I'll do this afternoon. :) Then my sister Julie is arriving for the weekend -- we're going to a day-long WordPress workshop tomorrow!

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Louisa said...

Your son is exactly the same age as mine to the day! What a coincidence. Simon was 7 weeks early though and spent the next month in an incubator. We always joke that it was the first and last time he was ever early for anything. ;)

Hope both of them had a perfect day!