Wednesday, March 30, 2011



How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised? It seems like an easy to answer question at first, but in fact organisation exists on many levels. Maybe you are truly not organised at all, in which case I am personally daring you to try and photograph your stash in whatever locations you can find the individual skeins. However, if you are organised, blog about an aspect of that organisation process, whether that be a particularly neat and tidy knitting bag, a decorative display of your crochet hooks, your organised stash or your project and stash pages on Ravelry.

Tips: Many people use their blogs partly as an organisational tool – logging and cataloguing projects and newly attained skills, projects and modifications. Did you bare this in mind when you began blogging?

Organized? I'm supposed to be organized?? :)

Okay, well, this basket is about a metre high and has a 10" diameter, and it holds about a third of my sock yarn:
And see that black case beside it? That's my 'tool kit'.

There. Organized. See?

Oh, yes, I also have a lot of other yarn. A lot. Did I mention I live on a boat? Good thing I have a whole 10' x 10' store-room to put it in -- and it takes up two walls of that room. But I don't have any pictures of that.

Whew, done with that topic! Moving on....

I finished a pair of socks today -- pics tomorrow! I also launched a website, which I'll also tell you more about tomorrow. *Tonight* our favorite almost-five-year-old is here for a sleepover, so that's the end of today's accomplishments. :)

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