Monday, March 28, 2011


... and I am committed to participating! If you want to know more about that, click the banner in the sidebar. There is a topic for each day of the week, so I'll attempt to stick pretty close to that ... in addition to my usual ramblings about life on a boat, in Victoria, with the grandkids, etc!

First of all, I want to show you what the Inner Harbour looked like night before last, under the setting sun ...
There was a horror story in our newspaper yesterday ... I sure hope she's wrapped up in one of our shawls and knows she's not alone. In contrast, not all young men behave that way .... here's some I chatted with at Clover Point the other day... playing cards and drinking 'Red Bull' on a Friday night!
I got to visit my farmer friend on Saturday, and came home with the fleeces of about 30 of these dudes...
They are Corriedale-Suffolk crosses, and the fibre is lovely. If you're local, one of these fleeces can be yours for a $5 donation. Contact me!

I finished shawl #8 in the Ravelry '11 Shawls in 2011' Challenge. It's called 'The Age of Brass and Steam' ...
I'm taking a break from shawls for a few weeks now -- I have a pair of socks to test knit for a designer who also lives on a boat (she's in the Caribbean, though!) and I need to knit an 8" x 48" strip to contribute to a charity blanket that the Thursday Fibre Friends are creating.

Now to the topic of todays 'Knit and Crochet Blog Week' post:

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.
Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.

Tips: It is a good idea, if possible, to choose a yarn that you adore and a yarn that just didn’t work for you. You do not need to be critical of any yarn if you do not feel comfortable in doing so, but perhaps you came to realise that one yarn wasn’t suitable for a particular project, if possible you could blog about what you have come to learn about choosing the right yarn, or your love of experimenting with fibres.

Well, yes, thankyou, I *could* blog all day about my love of experimenting with fibres! Instead, I'll just say that a yarn I cannot work with is any of the 'suede' or chenille yarns -- I find that they inevitably 'worm' and just don't hold their shape at all. I've given away most of what I've ever had in my stash, and I'll never buy it again.

On the other hand, gimme a laceweight wool/alpaca or wool/silk blend, and I'm in love! I've discovered that I really don't like to knit with worsted weight yarns that much ... I prefer to knit with sport or fingering weight, and I especially love laceweights, of course. (Can you tell that what I mostly knit is socks and shawls??) :)

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

OMG that poor woman. I could not imagine going through something like that. And she wasn't even alone. Okay on to yarn. I haven't had the chance to knit with a lace weight yarn. They look so pretty thoughdiv

wendy said...

in little old victoria, you say?
the wool...the sheep pic is super...have you thought of taking it to the fibre fair at the bradley centre end of may? i would be happy to help you but have to weasel out of another committment.

CrochetBlogger said...

Love your post for Knit and Crochet Blog Week (which I'm also participating in this year!) A wool sheep blend is always nice. I haven't tried (or even heard of) the suede yarns but I'll make a mental note to be wary!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of this blogging week but decided to jump in after reading your post, so thanks!

Beautiful pics.