Friday, March 18, 2011


Seventeen years ago day before yesterday our first grandson came into the world, and changed our world forever! Jason's son Joshua lives with his Mom (and little sister) up-Island, so we don't get to see him as often as we'd like to, but he's here for his spring break right now.

We all went out for dinner on the night of his birthday, and then everyone but us went off to a hockey game ... so last night we got together at Mischa's for birthday cake. (That's River in the background, sick with a flu bug, poor guy).

Joshua has become an amazing young man -- smart, musically talented (check out this YouTube video for one example!), funny, and really, genuinely NICE. (How many 17-year-olds can we say *that* about?)

Earlier in the day I got started on a project I've wanted to get started on for several weeks ... making stitch markers to sell at the FibreFest this year. I've never done anything like this before, so the first set took me over an hour ... then the next two took less than half an hour total.
Notice this? By the time I got to the third set, I was even adding an additional bead!
I don't think I'll make a living making stitch markers anytime soon, but it's fun -- and I'll probably never be able to justify *buying* any from now on (sorry, all you Etsy merchants I've been supporting since I started making shawls...)

And speaking of shawls, #7 for 2011 -- the Peacock shawl -- came off the needles yesterday, and is blocking as we speak. It's 100% merino, and I added beads to the lace edging.
Off to Knit'n'Cafe shortly!

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