Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So we drove my sister up to Parksville on Sunday when she came back from Texas, and spent the night (it's a two-hour drive each way, and we like Parksville a lot)! Then on Monday morning after we said goodbye to Julie, we decided we still didn't want to leave, so we checked in to our favorite motel right on the beach. That picture (from their website) is the view out our window about 100' away.

Then yesterday Mischa called to say that she and Joe and the boys were coming up here for the last few days of spring break -- and that we should stay an extra night to hang out with them!

So here we are, Wednesday morning, about to check out and head back to Victoria. And of course, I didn't bring my camera cable so I can't upload photos until tonight. It's been wonderful, though!

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Jealousy gets one nowhere.

Enjoy the views.