Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow, it's been a week since I blogged? How can you tell I 'hit the decks running' when we got home from Whistler??

I've had a productive week, though ... finished two little work projects, made progress on a big work project, and started a whole new big work project!

It's been really windy lots lately, and I managed to get down to Clover Point for at least one afternoon....
There's been a BC ferry in at Point Hope under refit, and it left day before yesterday for sea trials -- it's weird looking out your door to see a huge ferry 100' away!
(It was back on the Point Hope dock last night again, so I wonder if that means the sea trials didn't go well?)

I finished the 'Evelyn' shawl... and I like it, but I've decided I don't like knitting lace shawls in worsted weight yarn -- I think they're meant to be created in laceweight, or at most, a fingering or sock weight yarn. This one is a dark burgundy color, and it'll be a gift for someone...
I have two pairs of socks on the needles -- a test knit for the Holiday Mystery Gifts list on Yahoo, and a pair for myself. I also started shawl #7 for 2011 yesterday in a gorgeous variegated merino -- it's called the Peacock Shawlette and I'm loving it so far!

Michael and I went for a bit of a drive yesterday around the waterfront, and discovered the set of the new J.K. Rowlings biography being shot here - they've set up in the Oak Bay Marina parking lot:
Much to do again this week and I better get started before the rest of the world wakes up and I get distracted! :)

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Grace said...

I like knitting shawls in worsted weight, especially the ones I give to charity, I figure they are warmer and roomier. Maybe that pattern didn't agree with your yarn!!!!!

Just thought i would drop in and say hi!