Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's November 1st, and that means it's NaBloPoMo time again -- that's National Blog Posting Month, and the challenge is to post something every single day. That *will* be a challenge for me, as I've been slacking off in that department, so I'm looking forward to it! I've decided to start a 'Photo of the Day' posting, so even if I have nothing to say (ha! do you *know* me??) I'll have something to post!

Mischa and the boys were over on Sunday for the day... our intention was to carve pumpkins, but I didn't get mine done until yesterday just before dark. The owner of this property we caretake turned up yesterday morning (he works overseas for several weeks at a time) so we had a good visit! These are not great photos, but you can see that I put the two of them out on our visitor dock here:
While Mischa was here, I got her to model the finished Imogen cowl for me!
LinkIf you're a Ravelry member, you can see several more shots of it here.

I also finished the gray socks on the weekend - they will be a Christmas gift for someone.
Today's plans include casting on for a new shawl, and cooking a harvest stew in the crock-pot.

I've always called this an 'Egg Yolk' jellyfish, but it's actually the Lion's Mane Jellyfish .... apparently they can grow up to 7 feet across, but the ones we see around here are usually about 1 - 2 feet wide; they're plentiful, and can be yellow or a burgundy color. And yes, they can and do sting.


Anonymous said...

We get lots of Lion's Manes on the beaches up here, but in eight years of seeing them often I've never seen a yellow one, only the dark burgundy ones! I wonder if it's a southern waters thing...

wendy said...

magnificent photo! i have never seen one let alone two. i always love your photos of the sea...how about one of your private aquarium? between the floats?

Timbo said...

Hi there. A strange request for you perhaps, but I'm trying to contact Roamer's Landing (where I believe you're moored) to see about docking a commercial floatplane there once per month for a couple of hours while and engineer checks on the BC Ferries Terminal's water treatment plant. We usually dock at the government dock, but it is often full. On the last flight I noticed a spot at Roamer's that looked like it could fit a floatplane. in years gone by we have docked at Fulford Marina, but of course that is no more:(
If you happen to know the contact at Roamers, please email me at tim(at)patbayair.com (replace 'at' with the usual symbol). PS Nice blog! We used to live on board our sailboat for almost 5 years.