Friday, October 14, 2011


Same old, same old, here on the Wind Walker. Can't have my feet on the floor (that includes standing, walking, and even just sitting up) for more than about seven minutes at a time, still -- so I am spending a LOT of time in the recliner, pretty much prone. They told me to keep them elevated and get lots of rest, but this is ridiculous! Like I predicted several days ago, even knitting's getting *old.* No shawls on the needles at the moment, because I'm attempting to get started on Christmas stuff now ... either for sale at a craft show here, or for gifts. First up, a lovely wool hat and cuffs (or fingerless whatevers):

Yes, that is a flower a la Nicky Epstein you see on the brim of the hat (thank-you, Esther, for the inspiration!) ....
Once I'd finished that flower, it was easy to knit another .... I've been wanting to cover some machine embroidery on my favorite fleece jacket for a long time:
I've also finished another Gulf Islands Scarf in the leftover silk from the stole I made for Julie for the wedding:
I'm hoping to get the pattern written up sooooooooooooooon -- it's a great beginner lace pattern, reversible, and a quick knit.

Speaking of Julie and the stole (and the wedding), here she is:
And here's Doneen and her hubby Curtis, with Julie and her ex (Doneen's dad), Gord:
Instead of walking his daughter down the 'aisle', Gord and Doneen two-stepped from the Lodge out to the lawn! How fun is that?
And here's my other favorite picture from the wedding (of the ones I've seen so far) - Jordon (Julie's son, 'Neen's bro, and our globe-trotting nephew whom we haven't seen in about 10 years) ...and our Jason:
It's not obvious in this picture, but Jason (37) is 6'3" and Jordon (30?) is 6'7" -- so I get a chuckle out of knowing that Jason had to 'look up' to his cousin, who looked up to him all the years they were growing up. :)

According to all reports the wedding was lovely and everyone had fun!

There was a little drama here in the bay yesterday. You might recall this photo I posted when we first moved here, of the 'alternative community' in the bay behind us.
See the little yellow boat anchored on the right? It's an old junker that's used occasionally by a young woman who comes and goes. But yesterday, after several days of torrential rains, this is what happened to it. Michael went over to see if he could right it:
There wasn't anything he could do, but we think we got a message to the young woman, anyway. On a really low tide they may be able to get it upright again and see if the bottom can be repaired -- for now, I think it'll just be an 'eyesore'.

Today is 'clinic day' as we've come to call it around here ... that means I get an extra dose of discomfort and tiredness because getting me there and back is no picnic, and by the time they're done taking care of me, it usually hurts worse for a few hours. There, I've got my whining out of the way for the day.....


Medelweiss said...

Hi M, I can't imagine what you are going through... Can you at least go for a swim, do some exercising in a pool?
praying for you to heal quickly,
Megan (aka Maggie)

Julie said...

Marilyn, you're a strong woman to be able to soldier on through this nightmare, all the while keeping your sense of humour.

Getting in and out of the boat and up and down the ramp must be torture. Can Michael put you in a wheelbarrow?

Lots of good wishes from Julie

Grace said...

I hope you are healing well, so sorry to read about your accident!

Esther V. said...

hi there! Had a great day..went out for supper with R&R to the SwissChalet...always enjoy the meals there. Keep thinking about you and wishing there was something I could do for you...Waiting to hear from plumber to reinstall my dishwasher..if he comes early I can make Koffi for knitting. Got a knitting order today from a Koffi customer..a UVic student..he's doing his Master's in Mechanical Engineering (does that sound right?)..very nice young man. This might open the doors to alot of orders from his UVic friends..sure hope so.
I'll phone you later re coming over..take care of yourself...slow and easy!! xo Esther.

Julie said...

hmmm....we have two 'Julie's .. this is Julie the sister!
Of all the pics of me at the wedding wearing the stole you had to pic that one?????? Awful!!!
I've sent you one that shows it off much better!