Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So it did warm up, and then it started to rain, and then the wind started to blow... and we've now had 3 or 4 days straight of 'rockin and rollin' in here. On Saturday morning my living room was pitching so bad that I actually felt a little naseous ... that's never happened before! A live-aboard in Ganges Harbour (10 miles north of here) lost his life in that storm -- his sailboat had torn away from its mooring, and he was found in the water but they couldn't revive him.

I've been to town to run errands, buy groceries and check in on our friend Mike at his boat, but other than that, I've been pretty much hanging out here at home, and really enjoying it (even though it makes for really boring blog fogger)!

Our son Jason had a birthday on the weekend -- he's 37 now, which really translates as his *mother* is getting older (that would be me)!
Speaking of my kids ... Hailey has flown off to Cannes, France for a week! She's a professional organizer and has a long-time client who is selling her villa there and needed her help -- tough job she has, huh?

I finished a second pair of fingerless gloves for myself yesterday ... my hands are *not* healing very well, regardless, and I still have some side-effects from that antibiotic reaction last week. Ack! However, the 'Mystery Knit-Along' is coming along -- I did frog the white one I started last week, and I'm now doing 'Christmas in January' by starting again with red silk and dark green beads:
.... and this one I love!

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Esther V. said...

OMG if YOU say you were affected from the R&R of your boat/home..I would have been green and hanging over the side looking for my toenails... FOR SURE!!
Jason is now the same age as did that happen!! belated HB J!
Your red shawl pattern is very nice..are those the pins I need for blocking?
Take care of yourself!