Friday, January 20, 2012


Well it has warmed up overnight to a balmy -4C, and we are still supposed to get more snow/freezing rain/rain before the temperature climbs to a +6C or so this afternoon. I sure hope it does, because I haven't been out of the boat in 4 days, our water's been frozen, and we're out of coffee. Hoping we can get out of the driveway this afternoon for a trip to town!

Meanwhile, much knitting has taken place. I finished the Arcus cowl (#6 of the 8 commissions I got before Christmas) yesterday:
... and I've done another half a block on a blanket strip, and I've ripped out and re-knit 2" of the mystery knit shawl, and ....
... I've had to whip up a pair of cotton fingerless gloves for myself to help these hands heal! It's been suggested to me that I may be allergic (or at least sensitive) to wool, so I'm keeping the gloves on at least until the current issues heal up, and then we'll see.

Yesterday I looked out the window to see a rigid-hulled inflatable with about 5 people on it, cruising slowly around the bay...
They said they were from Fisheries and Oceans, and they have to do 'periodic' testing of the sea floor in all Small Craft Harbours -- for metals, fecal coliform and PH balance! It was -8C yesterday, you'd think they could have picked a warmer day! I've sure appreciated our little woodstove these past several days.

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