Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well, the 'more snow' we were expecting arrived overnight with a vengeance, and it's still coming down. It's a lovely winter wonderland out there, but I'm sure glad I don't have to be anywhere but here ... with a little fire in the woodstove, and my knitting!

I ended up having to visit emergency yesterday to get on a more powerful anti-histamine to slow this reation down - I have the equivalent of a 'chemical burn' on the palms of both hands, and on a few of my fingers, so I'm now bandaged up to keep infection at bay. I begged them to leave my fingertips free so that I can knit ... knitting hurts, but so does just sitting here, so I'm just pacing myself a bit at a time. NOT having fun.... here's what just one finger looks like right now (and the rest is much nastier):
Weird, huh?

The GOOD news is this... as of today, Michael is TWO MONTHS smoke-free for the first time in almost 43 years!! I'm so proud of him, and so happy that he seems to have finally beat that addiction, after many, many attempts over the years.

And the other good news? AMERICAN IDOL starts tonight! I know, it's weird, I'm not much of a TV person at all, but I got hooked on that show two winters ago, and just love it -- I've been so looking forward to watching it this season.

Pictures of knitting soon, I swear...

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