Monday, January 30, 2012


Well we finally got out for a walk the other day, and it was lovely.

We walk around the property every day, and we walk to and from the 'village', to the post office, restaurant and ferry, but we hadn't 'gone for a walk' since before Christmas, and we've been missing that!

Apples still clinging to a neighbor's tree:
Sailor's sailing and ferries to and fro-ing:
And the streams that empty into the bay from up above the village are full after all the rain:Blue sky and calm out there today, so we may even go for another one. But in the meantime, have I ever got knitting to do! I'm working on the Stripe Study shawl commission...
It's interesting because the stripes are done in 'short rows' but it's otherwise just garter stitch and pretty ho-hum -- I'm about a 'third' done. Then there's the pair of socks I have on the needles .... I'm teaching the sock knitting classes right now, so I need to have a sock ready for each of two classes each week that I can use to 'demo' the next step -- so I've just turned the heel on both socks, and need to have them knit to the toe decreases by this Saturday morning. That will be my Rock Salt project for this afternoon's knitting circle.

And I'm still slooooooooooowly working on the second block of the second strip of my niece's afghan ... and I'm still participating in the Ravelry shawl 'Mystery Knit-Along'. We just completed clue 4 of 6, and my Christmas in January shawl looks like this:
This is the edging, of course, and then it'll move into straight short-row stockinette by the next clue and end up being a narrow crescent shaped shawl. I love it! I'm glad there's only two more clues, though, because...

Last week I was commissioned to design a particular 'dress' for a 10" doll, and said I'd have something for her to look at this Saturday. HA! (More about that in another post, later....)

And finally, yesterday, also on Ravelry, I was invited to join a cowl knit-along. It's a series of five cowls, and there will be a time limit to knit each one and post a pic in order to get the next pattern for free, and there's a bunch of other prizes for suckers like me, too ... um... I mean for the cowl knitters who sign up. They had me at 'cowl', I signed up, and the first pattern is printed out this morning on my coffee table.

Oh, the pressure! :)

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