Thursday, July 16, 2009


I started out yesterday working hard at the computer -- but then we got company...

Mischa and the boys turned up for a visit, and it was getting too hot to work, anyway -- so we woke Gibson up, had some lunch and then piled in to the dinghy and went exploring.

First we saw the 180' Huntress -- the hot tub on the upper deck of this thing gets covered to become a helipad, as necessary.

No economic downturn in those quarters, apparently.

Fisherman's Wharf's ice cream stand beckoned, though, so that's where we ended up.

Cute dummy, huh?

After I drove Mischa and the boys home, I went to Clover Point (just one more row!), and saw that the harbour entrance was fogged in!

Today ... work, work, work.... but then my sister Julie and her friend Erin will arrive at supper time, and we're going off the dock tomorrow first thing. Back on Saturday some time!

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Georgi said...

Doesn't a yacht of that size drive you nuts, it like they aren't even on the water. I bet the family who owns it has to work so hard that they don't have time to enjoy it. I wonder hos big the crew has to be on a boat that size. WOW