Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Last night Michael went up to storage and got out all our Christmas decorations, and today is decorating day! I almost always do a 'Winter Wonderland' theme, so my decorations are mostly blue, white and silver...

Traditionally I decorate inside and Michael puts up the lights on the hull -- this weekend is the Carol Ships parade in the harbour, and we are registered to participate, as always. :)

Here's a photo from last year (from the Harbour Authority website):

Got some paid work done yesterday, and I got some knitting done too. I've got about 3" done on the baby blanket (my own 'Window Pane' pattern ... one of these days I'll write it up and get it on here!) and finished one 'slightly-larger-than-mini-mini-stocking' to fill with some Hershey kisses, lottery tickets, etc., for some special folks for Christmas. I'm going to make several of these, but smaller, for various gifts.

I'll post pics of the boat when we're done!

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