Thursday, December 3, 2009


My friend Monica on Mayne Island just sent me the coolest link ever! Check this out... (And keep reading down through the comments for even more ideas, projects, etc)!

I'm going to a spinning circle this afternoon -- I wonder if I can get someone 'way more experienced than me to try this out?


Knotty By Nature Fibres Arts said...

Hey, Dorothy Field came in the shop last year and did a class on spinning paper. If enough people are intereested we could offer it again :)

Anonymous said...

Man, some people are just so dang clever!

wendy said...

i would be very interested in taking any class dorothy field is willing to give! i wonder about the acidity of newspaper though---i like to think my "yarn" and projects will outlast my lifetime!

also, you didn't make a peep about this at spinning circle ---could it be that only one person was spinning? nudge nudge

Bronwyn Morris said...

I would also love the chance to take this course from Dorothy Field... offer it again! please!

renegade knitter said...

What a rad idea but:
Can you do this on a wheel?
Wouldn't it make your hands blacker than a month of midnights?