Friday, December 18, 2009


Yesterday and the day before I spent rounding up knitted goodies for the Christmas project -- the community dinner (at which 500 low income and homeless folks, including families and lots of kids, get a traditional Christmas meal) is tomorrow evening, so we are down to the wire now. As of last night, our count was 356 items, and there may be a few more turned in at Knit'n'Cafe today. Last year we were stuffing stockings right up until an hour before they opened the doors!

I'm knitting like crazy, and can't show you a single thing.... :)

River's last day of school today, and then he's on Christmas break -- the boys are definitely getting excited about Christmas now!

One of the things I'm hoping to do during this Christmas holiday is tour Craigdarroch Castle here in Victoria -- I've been there several times, but only once during Christmas. That was years ago, and I remember it being quite amazing! Another thing we like to do is check out the lighted Navy ships at the Esquimalt base.

Back to knitting...

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Sarah said...

Will you be at Knotty tonight for the social? I have a pair of mitts that should go to Community Knitters!