Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First of all, check out this story of a sea lion rescue just 'around the corner' from me. We've seen lots of these animals close up, and they're HUGE -- I wouldn't want to mess with one!

Yesterday morning our friend Mike from Galiano turned up for a visit, so I drove him back to the ferry after he did his errands. I was knitting in my favorite spot and watching these sailboats off in the distance...

... when I noticed a big fancy yacht coming from American waters and heading straight to the Port Sidney Marina. You don't see a whole lot of cruisers this time of year, so I made up all kinds of stories about this dude, but he was probably coming in to visit someone for Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas visits, this morning Monica is coming over from Mayne Island and we'll have the day together. I need to knit, but she crochets so we'll probably find a latte somewhere and maybe go to Clover Point for a bit. I'll take Monica back to the ferry this afternoon and have about an hour's wait for Hailey's ferry to bring HER home for Christmas! :)

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wendy said...

excellent story for seas of change...have a wonderful christmas.