Friday, November 20, 2009

CALM AND DRY ... at least momentarily

Here's a shot of the Coho leaving the harbour this morning under much nicer conditions than the other night ...

I can't tell you how much I love this new Ogden Point webcam, it's hard not to open it 20 times a day -- it shows every single thing coming and going from the Victoria harbour from an angle that the Dallas Road one doesn't. :)

Now, about that newsboy cap ... the gauge LIED.

It's way too loose around the head, and in order to preserve the pattern for one more repeat, I had to 'stack' the decreases in a way that made it gather too much at the peak --- so even though it'll make a lovely hat for the charity drive, it's all wrong for my intended recipient. So I'm starting again...

We woke up this morning in a power outage -- the first one in almost 6 years we've lived on this dock. I assumed it was because of the wild winds that howled most of the night again, but it turned out that an 'under-the-influence' dude in a pick-up truck struck a power pole right by the bridge at 5:30 this morning, and took out the power for 5 blocks around. Dude's alright (well, except for the fact that he's in a heap of trouble, and might just have a bit of a drinking problem ... but he's not injured, anyway) and the power was back on by 9:30, so all's well.

Knit'n'Cafe today!

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