Sunday, November 29, 2009


Had a lovely trip up to Qualicum and back!

Made it to the Weavers and Spinners sale first ... there wasn't anything there that prompted me to spend my money, though (with apologies to the Qualicum area fibre folks). Then I went to the big craft fair -- and spent $20 on a CD (from an entertainer out in the parking lot!) for someone for a Christmas present.

Then we went over to Sri's house for a potluck lunch he had invited all of Susan's women friends to -- it was a neat idea. He had Susan's clothing and accessories all over the living room and dining room in his house, and we were all welcome to help ourselves to whatever we wanted. It was nice to see some of her other friends again (several of whom I've known for almost as long as I've known Susan), and most of them were having fun reminiscing about Susan while they were trying on her clothes, etc.

I was twice her size, pretty much, so I knew nothing was going to fit me -- but I did get her knitting needles and some yarn, a book, and a pair of earrings and a silver chain that I liked.

We went from there to Julie's house, and we'd been invited to join her and our niece Trisha (our brother's daughter, who lives with Julie) at Trisha's musical theatre rehearsal/recital evening. The lighting wasn't conducive to great photos but I did get one of Trisha (on the right) and her friend Sidney in a duet:

It was a fun evening!

This morning we (Julie, Michael and I and Trisha) went out for brunch at the Quality Inn in Parksville (check out the slide-show on that web page -- Parksville has one of the most beautiful beaches on Vancouver Island, in my opinion) -- to celebrate (belatedly) 'Take an Artist to Lunch' Day (or something like that!) and my birthday.

Had an uneventful drive home ...

Thanks for all your birthday wishes!

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wendy said...

i'm sorry november is over as i have so enjoyed following your travels and inner journey. what a man sri must be. and what a machine knitter you are! i have never known another person that can produce like you do.