Sunday, November 22, 2009


I mentioned the other day that I was planning to help decorate the venue for Charissa's wedding. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this here before, but many moons ago I owned a balloon store -- which meant I did a LOT of wedding decorating, and not just with balloons.

In this case, all the decorations were provided by Charissa and her folks, and we mostly just had to 'place' things, so it was a pretty easy task. The venue was the University Club at UVic, which is a gorgeous setting to begin with.

Our friend Robin, Charissa's dad, is a carpenter, and he created the bases for all the lights and the centrepieces. We put lights around the dance floor:

Here's the head table:

And here's a single table with the centerpieces, and with the place markers (little Christmas balls, actually, with people's names written on them in metallic pen -- very clever of them, I thought!):

And here's what the room looked like when we were finished:

When we were finished, I made it down to Clover Point where I worked on the swatch for the new, improved newsboy cap, and watched the pilot boat go out to this freighter -- in the week's usual rain and wind:

Then it was time to get home because River was coming for a sleep-over. :)

This morning it is -- surprise! -- raining and windy, and I don't intend to accomplish a thing today.

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