Wednesday, November 4, 2009


... of NaBloPoMo, and I almost forgot to post today.

We had River overnight last night, and of course, getting him out the door to school in the morning is a little different from my usual routine!

I had a great day today, though. The tooth has settled down enough that I only need an anti-inflammatory twice a day now. Thank God ... toothaches, on the pain scale, are right up there next to kidney stones and childbirth, in my opinion. Not fun!

So I got lots of writing/editing work done this morning -- best work I've done since before Susan died, I think, so that was nice. And then... I spent the afternoon in my yarn room.

Yes, I have a yarn room, for those of you who've come late to this party. It's a storage room about 10' by 10' (with 8' ceilings) here at the marina (sandwiched between the marina washrooms and the Sunset Room arts/music venue in the same building which my son owns and operates), and two walls of it are mine! I really should have taken some before-and-after pics, because I've been slowly giving it a major overhaul since the FibreFest, and *attempting* to get organized (don't laugh too loud, Hail!). It's looking the best it ever has right now ... I mean, I can actually walk in, and walk around, AND find yarn I want to find in my stash!

Michael worked with me, and Jason was there, too, un-decorating from his Hallowe'en events; we ended up working hard and staying late .... and then ordered pizza for supper. :)

So I'm finally relaxing after a looooong day. I did manage to almost finish the first newsboy cap, working at it a little throughout the day -- pictures tomorrow!


Grace said...

love checking in and seeing all the updates, are you doing the newsboy hat according to the directions or are you reconstructing the pattern as you go???

Hailey said...

Awe - Organizing!
I hate it when you organize without me!!

Super productive day for you, that's good.

Happy Thursday,
Love you & Hi/Hugs to Dad,