Sunday, November 8, 2009


(Is lolly-gagging a word?) Even if it isn't, it sure sounds a lot like how I've spent my weekend. For the first time since we got back from our holiday, I've had two days of absolutely no agenda... except for helping my client a bit yesterday, I've stayed in pj's until noon both days, puttered around the boat, played computer games, and knitted. It's been delightful!

First of all, I decided since I'd learned some lessons on the newsboy cap, I might as well apply them immediately -- so I took the brim off the first one, frogged it, cut the template down, and re-knit it. It looks much better now!

I've also finished a tweedy toque which may be a Christmas gift for someone I know and love, or it will go to the charity drive, and I've almost finished another pair of socks for family for Christmas.

Even though I generally love to cook, it's often a casualty of our busy life -- it's easier to grab something 'to go', or pick up deli on a daily basis, than to plan and execute a whole meal from scratch. So tonight I'm baking a stuffed halibut and cheese potatoes, and making a salad. Just for the two of us! (And I do settle in to cooking more often in the winter than the summer, so this is a good start ...)

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend -- and I *will* be posting tomorrow morning, because it's a special day in our lives, and that will get me back on track. :)


Grace said...

Congrats early to Michael and year #31 What an accomplishment!!

Love your knitting, as always

Anonymous said...

Really like those socks.

btw - did you get the bag of hats and scarves I dropped off at the store down there a few weeks ago?