Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Spent the day yesterday with my friend Monica from Mayne and then Penny joined us from noon on -- wow, I had a 'girlfriends' day! :) It was too hot to work, anyway ... the thermometer topped out at 95 degrees in some parts of Victoria yesterday!

Penny and I took Monica to the ferry and then stopped here to knit...

We're supposed to get more of the same all week, with today being the hottest ... so I suspect that, other than the two hours I've been at the computer this morning, not much more will get accomplished today.

I'm about 6 rows short of finishing Waves in the Square, so maybe by tomorrow I'll have a picture of it!


Anonymous said...

That's a lovely picture, with the flower in the foreground and the blue misty background. What flower is it? I don't believe it grows in Louisiana.

Dina said...

Hi Marilyn,

You know, from my perspective it's almost laughable to hear you complaining about the heat. I know hot is hot but hot with humidity so high the air is nearly dripping with it is another thing. And I haven't heard you say its humid. :))

I miss you and your city! And I can't thank you enough for the wonderful tour you gave me.