Saturday, December 22, 2007


We've always enjoyed chatting with 'dockies' (dockies are folks who enjoy wandering on the docks, for all you landlubbers) and I especially enjoy sharing about the lifestyle with children.

So last night when our friend Susan from Qualicum Beach turned up with her relatives from Ontario, I knew it would be fun to show the Wind Walker to the two children, who were 8 and 5 years old. The number one question adults ask when they hear that we live aboard is 'But aren't you cold?' (The answer to which is 'no colder than anyone is in their houses in the middle of winter' -- we have two electric heaters that work just great, an additional ceramic we can plug in if we need it, AND the wood/pellet stove we installed just this year! And keep in mind that we only have to heat about 300 sq feet...

But children ask more interesting questions, usually, and in this case the question was, 'But where do you have your couch?' I guess it's not part of childhood consciousness that it's possible to live without a couch ...

We've often said that if we ever won 'the big one,' we WOULD buy a boat big enough to house a couch, but in the meantime, we are indeed couch-less, and none the worse for wear as a result.

These two kids were also interested in the fact that we have a woodstove on the boat -- I resisted the idea of a woodstove for a lot of years simply because it meant having to cut a hole in the cabin roof to accommodate it, but this fall, just before we left on our annual Sept cruise holiday, I knew it was time! And we do love it ... it can burn small pieces of wood, wood pellets, and even bark off the beach. It's a Newport Dickinson marine adaptation, and it's especially wonderful when it's really stormy outside. See?

(And no, that's not a real Christmas tree ... but it's a pretty good fake.)

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suzyb said...

I just loved the tour there on the 29th of October. I am going to start lighting my fireplace too. That little thing is way too cool Marilyn! One day we must sit in front and knit :) thank you for the wonderful day!