Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I've been reading today that there is flooding up and down the Island (a result of that copious snowfall we had the other day, and then the torrential rains that have followed it) and I'm happy to report that we're simply floating, as ever. No idea if we're floating a few inches higher than usual... and don't care. :-) Just one more benefit of being waterborne...

I'm reminded of several years ago when we lived in a mobile home overlooking the Macleod River (in northern Alberta) about a quarter mile from where it joined the Athabasca River -- powerful bodies of water, both of them -- and one year the Macleod flooded severely, spilling into our back yard. Our home was never in danger because it was still 'uphill' from the banks, but I remember watching and being in awe of the power of that water. I remember that, and not allowing our children into the back yard to play for several days until the water receded.

On the needles: absolutely nothing, for the first time in WEEKS. I finished the baby blanket (edging and blocking will happen tomorrow) and I'm going to cast on tomorrow for a Christmas present hat, but I spent the day running errands, so couldn't even start a take-along project.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: This isn't my photo, and unfortunately I can't give anyone credit for it. Someone emailed it to me, and I can't remember who. This is a common sight here on the west coast - a tugboat hauling a fuel barge. When we lived at Stone's Marina in Nanaimo, it used to come within 20' of our boat while docking at the Esso silos next door.

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