Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'd stopped at the water to knit for a bit, which I often do. I didn't take my camera out, as it turned out, but I had these pics still on the card from a few days ago during a windstorm on the Juan de Fuca...

That was about a 40kt wind blowing, so the waves were about 6 - 8 feet high -- it gets much worse than that sometimes!

Knitting has been happening. I have three projects on the needles right now -- the first is a gorgeous heathery purple shawl in New Zealand scheepjeswol that I started for Threads of Compassion... but I may end up keeping it for myself. I found an easy 4-row lace pattern somewhere, and I just love how it's working up. The finished shawl will be a rectangle about 20" by 70".

I also have a hat on the needles that I can't say much about because the recipient probably reads my blog. Finally, I got a call from the Neo-Natal unit at our local hospital saying they could use about 8 more Christmas-themed preemie hats, so I've done several of those...

PHOTO OF THE DAY: This is what a 'travel lift' haulout looks like -- a boat gets taken out of the water on giant 'slings' when the owner needs to work on the hull. We haul out the Wind Walker every other year, and it's the single most stressful thing about owning a boat!

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Grace said...

Wow, your area is breathtaking, the hats are adorable but I was so happy to see your picture, now I have a face to go with my new ISE5 pal. Merry Christmas Marilyn!!!