Saturday, December 29, 2007


I've had a wonderful Christmas season ... all three of our children and all three of our grandsons have been here, and much eating and merriment has taken place! We spent much of Christmas Day at my daughter Mischa's house, since that's where the two youngest grandson's are -- there's no better fun than watching an 18-month-old on Christmas morning! Having said that, it was his Dad who took all the pictures all morning, so I'll have to wait until he sends them to me to post them.

Michael and I almost always go for awhile on Christmas Day to a place called the Alano Club -- a 'clean and sober' environment where they serve dinner to about 300 folks, and we like to volunteer some time there. Then back to Mischa's for our own dinner -- a 22-lb turkey and all the traditional trimmings.

Boxing Day we spent quietly at home, but went back to our daughter's for leftover-turkey dinner and to spend a bit more time with the boys. This evening we'll have another little family dinner at my son Jason's because tomorrow morning his son Joshua and our older daughter Hailey will go home ... Joshua up-Island to Qualicum Beach and Hailey back to Whistler. Here's pics (my faves from earlier this year, mostly)... Jason and Joshua:
Hailey and Mischa:
River and Gibson:

And here's a local view during most of the Christmas season... a little bit of snow, a little bit of rain, and a lot of fog:
Afterthought: I finished all my Christmas knitting, and have started a 'Building Blocks' blanket in red/black/white/gray for River's 9th birthday, next week. Pics to follow!

All the best of the season, from our 'house' to yours...

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Grace said...

what lovely family pictures!!!