Monday, December 17, 2007


... and checking it three times... is what I'm doing today. I've crossed four things off my 'to-do-before-Christmas' list this afternoon! I needed some yarn for a special hat I want to make and the only LYS that sells it is in Sidney, so I went for a drive. Got the last three balls -- exactly what I needed! -- of the colorway I need (Bravo self-patterning 'Crazy Color'), so that was a productive trip. Stopped to knit along the water for a bit on the way home, and that was really nice -- it's eight days until Christmas and I'm almost ready, and I'm CALM. I love it! I'm working on a shawl in a beautiful heathery blue/lilac tone -- it's too dark to take pics right now, but I'll post some tomorrow.

Then I had to stop at a different LYS for a gift certificate for a friend, and right across the street was an independent toy store -- MUCH nicer than the local ToysRus -- and I found a perfect little ride-on toy for Gibson (our 18-month-old grandson). A quick pit-stop at the local Sexual Assault Centre to drop off the 4 shawls I had for their Threads of Compassion program, and then home with dinner from the deli.


PHOTO OF THE DAY: This is, IMHO, one of the most beautiful classic wooden boats on the west coast. It's a Grenfell, and this photo is taken as it was leaving Silva Bay on Gabriola Island.

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