Saturday, December 15, 2007


My friend Monica on Mayne Island sent me some pictures of a fairly big community event in the Gulf Islands, where Santa Claus comes by boat!

These pics were taken by an Island resident named Brian Haller, and they really capture the spirit of the Gulf Island Christmas season!

Well. There's less than 10 days until Christmas, and I have seams to sew and ends to sew in on all manner of projects. All those finishing details I was going to attend to 'later' are now in a pile in the v-berth, and it'll kill me, but I just have to tackle them one by one, and get them checked off the list!

PHOTO OF THE DAY: One of our favorite day trips (or more accurately, dinghy picnics) is to go 'up the Gorge' here in Victoria, in our inflatable. This is a picture of the bridge over the Tillicum Rapids, which can run up to 9 knots at their fastest. It's great fun to go through in the dinghy when it's running fast!

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