Sunday, December 2, 2007


Last night I took River to the annual Truck Parade on Dallas Road -- I think this was the 9th annual, and I've taken my grandson for the past 4 years. We try to get down to the water no later than 4 pm to get a good spot near Ogden Point where the trucks assemble. Last night we drove in the snow, which made it extra-Christmasy (in River's words!) and it was nearly dark when we found our 'perfect' spot to park, and found the Mustard Seed volunteers to give them our $20 donation. The whole event is a fund-raiser for the local food bank coordinated by The Island Equipment Owners Association, and it's the BEST 'Season Opener' I've ever experienced!

None of the pictures I took along Dallas Road turned out, but it's okay because we get to see the parade twice! After it goes by us at the water, the tradition is that we cut across Cook Street to River's place -- and he just happens to live on the 9th floor of an apartment building that the parade goes right past. So these pics are taken from the balcony ...

The whole thing only lasts about half an hour (there are only 80 trucks allowed), but these trucks are amazing -- I'm pretty sure that whole families spend the entire day decorating them.

To see some REALLY nice pics, check out the Times Colonist's gallery .

PHOTO OF THE DAY: This is 'Boom Bay' on Jedediah Island, a beautiful huge marine park in the Strait of Georgia behind Lasqueti Island. There are rings in the rocks here for anchored boats to 'stern tie' to.

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