Friday, January 2, 2009


At least once a week, a tugboat goes by us here at the marina and picks up the cement barge from the LaFarge plant behind us in the Upper Harbour. Here it is leaving the harbour two years ago:

(Our marina is on the other side of the Johnson Street bridge, just to the left in that photo).

This barge leaves the Inner Harbour, goes out past Ogden Point, past Clover Point and behind Trial Island through Enterprise Channel (any of that sound familiar??) en route to Vancouver.

Well, yesterday morning, while waiting for the tide to turn to go through the Channel in a 30-kt wind, the LaFarge barge went onto the rocks. And I missed it! Here's the story....

By the time I heard about it yesterday afternoon, I assumed they'd gotten it off again on the next high tide -- but then I heard last night that it's still on the beach, and they're going to try to re-float it on this morning's high tide.

Which is in 20 minutes. See you later!

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Beverley J said...

Went by it last evening, quite a sad picture seeing it listing on the rocks. Sure hope they're successful today. Must bring my camera with me everywhere. You never know when you can get a good action shot!