Thursday, January 29, 2009


Our oldest grandson, Joshua, who lives up-Island, arrived night before last to spend the week with Jason. (He's in high school now, on a semester system, and he only had one exam to write -- which left him the rest of the week free.)

He and River completely adore each other, so they had a 'sleep-over' at Jason's, and then I had them with me when we went to pick Mischa and Gibson up to go somewhere yesterday. I realized that I have very few pics of these boys together, so we had to remedy that -- even though when Gibson took his toque off, he had the worst case of 'hat-head' ever!

That's 'my boys' .... and my daughter Mischa, mom to the two youngest.

Also got to spend some time yesterday with our old pal Mike from Galiano Island -- he arrived on an early ferry with some errands to do, so we started with a nice breakfast at a local restaurant.

Ended the day at the store, teaching the second 'Intermediate Knitting' class (of six), so that was fun. I love watching new knitters 'get it!' There's only three in the class, too, so there's lots of time for each of them, and that's really nice.

The market bag is back on track (she says, in trepidation, for fear of breaking the spell...) and I've started another pair of Noro socks for myself, from leftover Christmas yarn. (You KNEW I couldn't not be knitting socks for more than a day or two, didn't you?) :)

And today, since I goofed off for most of yesterday, I have much to do -- beginning with a meeting this morning with some former website clients who have a new project for me. And then some work on an ongoing writing project, and then back to Victoria Fibre Fest planning .... I hope to be making some major announcements about that within the week!

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just stopping by to say Hi Enjoy the grands!!