Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is the photo on the front page of our local newspaper this morning... (that's Clover Point, which you've seen a few dozen photos of in this space)!

I can't really quite imagine anyone swimming or wading there, anyway, but here's the 'rest of the story...'

I was down there playing with the settings on my new camera, and this picture -- of the pilot boat arriving at a freighter at least two miles offshore -- was taken in a downpour and through the windshield ... but 10x optical zoom. I'm loving it!

Nearly finished the baby blanket (pics tomorrow), and another 'travelling scarf' came my way yesterday. This is one of the nicest ones I've seen (although the picture doesn't do it justice -- I haven't figured out *all* the settings yet!)

So it's been raining for days and days, and this morning it appears to be dry but the wind is howling through the riggings here in the marina, so there's probably more yet to come. I have lots to do right here at the computer today, so I'll probably just start a fire and 'hunker down' -- and it can rain and howl all day.

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Anonymous said...

It was windy up here as well, but I love the wind because up here it brings the sunshine! A gorgeous day to be out (as long as one is bundled up that is....).

The traveling scarves look fun.