Monday, January 26, 2009


And January's nearly over, how did that happen??

My weekend didn't go anything like I planned, but I guess I should know better than to plan, right? Today I'm at the store so I'm looking forward to that! I ripped out the market bag when it was about 5" deep because I discovered it was going to be the size of a gunny-sack, so I'll be starting that again this morning.

I'm still learning about my new camera (I only have time for one page in the manual at a time, what can I say?) ...

Although this may look like some underwater treasure, it's actually a little resin business card holder that sits on my bookshelf ... and one of my best 'close-ups' so far.

Happy Monday, and, as my friend Grace would say, "Knit On!"


Anonymous said...

Nice close-up!

And I don't know where January went. I think it's because there has been so little rain. Usually it feels like it drags on forever under rainy skies.

Anonymous said...

We didn't get down to the store today - my son came down from Courtney unexpectedly.Maybe tomorrow :)