Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got this new gadget for my blog that tells me where people 'arrive' from, and it's lots of fun -- even though sometimes it actually deepens the mystery rather than solving it. For example, now I know that someone from Lexington, Kentucky visits my blog ... but who? And why?

This gadget also tells me if search terms were used, so I've discovered that a lot of people use the search term 'liveaboard' and then find my blog. (Surprise!) I think those folks might be sorely disappointed for the past several months, then, because between talk about the grandkids, the knitting, and the goings-on at Clover Point, I haven't actually talked too much about living aboard.

And in the winter, that usually *does* present some unique challenges. In fact, I often tell folks who are considering the liveaboard lifestyle to come down here for a visit in January, when the wind is howling, the rain is freezing on the ramp -- and I have to pack my laundry up a 45-degree angled dock to the car in the parking lot. This lifestyle gets romanticized a lot, and that's one way to cure those starry eyes to see if the 'true grit' required of a liveaboard boater is still there. (And then, yes, they'll get the romanticized parts of the lifestyle thrown in for free...)

But this January, if anyone took us up on that offer, they wouldn't be changing their minds about living aboard. Yes, we've had a few cold spells, a wind storm or two, and some snow (in December) but really the weather hasn't been too drastic. And by the end of January here in Victoria, I always feel like we're 'out of the woods' as far as winter is concerned -- the crocuses will be up in a few weeks, and the plum tree blossoms aren't far behind. Nope, nothing here to discourage a potential liveaboard!

Besides, did I mention *this* gadget?

It's the best appliance we've ever owned, I think! :)

On the needles: the market bag has been frogged 3 times. I started with the linen stitch and kept messing up, so then I switched to purse stitch thinking that would be easier, and still messed up. Now I'm doing the simplest two-row pattern, on an even number of stitches: Row 1, k2tog, yo. Row 2, knit. So far, so good.


Linda said...

I love the Feedjit gadget and have had it for quite awhile on my blog. It certainly is interesting to see where folks come from and how they arrived at my blog. Trouble is, the location for me isn't right, but guess it is as close as they can get.

Anonymous said...

I dont even know what a linen stitch you are way ahead of me.