Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Message on my voice mail yesterday from Hailey in Whistler:

"Hi, I just called to say hi and see how everyone's doing... and Mom? I have to talk to you about these socks."

Uh-oh, I'm thinking... did they start to unravel? Did they develop a hole already? Did she accidentally felt them? They looked great when I gave them to her for Christmas...

So I called her back right away, and after we chatted for a few minutes, I asked, "So... what's the problem with the socks?"

"The problem with the socks, Mom," she replied, "is that I need six more pairs of them."

This from the daughter who goes barefoot, pretty much, in Whistler, from March to October? Wow!

Turns out, she says, that these are the first pair she puts on when the laundry's done, and the rest of her socks no longer hold the same appeal. Hmmmm.... :-)

Well. I do love knitting socks. And I do have some sock yarn.

Guess I better get busy!


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what happened with my Mum a couple of years ago!


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to be appreciated!

Anita said...

That's sweet! It's so nice when someone actually appreciates a handmade gift.

Grace said...

my foot is 11 inches long, and I like them about 6 inches up --my favorite color is red, so while yo are knitting, I figured I would throw that out there. Glad your daughter appreciates your hard work!

Anonymous said...

And look at the great wool in your stash!

You are now on the guerilla list. I could not knit a sock if my life depended on it, so my hat is off to you.

I will look forward to see what springs into your fertile mind...