Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In case you haven't been following the current Olympic controversy, the 'authentic handknit Canadian Cowichan' sweaters that will be available during the 2010 games won't be handknit by Cowichan knitters at all -- they'll be handknit, because that was part of the contract, but by who-knows-who, apparently from 'overseas', and sold by the BAY.

Cowichan Tribes bid on the contract ... and lost, supposedly because VANOC's committee felt that the knitters wouldn't be able to produce the necessary volume. So while VANOC pays lip service to 'working with Canada's First Nations' and 'including ordinary Canadians' in the Games -- this contract went corporate (surprise)!

Well, the torch relay is passing through the Cowichan Valley on Saturday, Oct.31st, and a group of people in that area decided that would be a great time to create a visible show of support for the Cowichan knitters, AND show VANOC how beautiful these sweaters are, and how proud the knitters are to produce them.

Here's more on the story... .

So I'll be driving up to Duncan on the 31st to join this gathering, and I have a van that can carry six other people, if you'd like to come along. Email me for the details or pm me (Skipper) on Ravelry(or phone me, those of you who know my number) -- and wear your Cowichan apparel with pride!

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